Week-End Trip at Porthmadog, North Wales

Or how to while away a wet stormy weekend (November 13th – 15th)


Eight ‘extremely’ die-hard members sat around the breakfast table suggesting possible hills to walk in the wind and rain that was lashing against the mountaineering hut. We chose THE BEACH!

Black Rock beach is just a few miles south of Porthmadog and boasts sand dunes and fine, firm sand that goes for miles it seems. We spent a couple of hours walking, watching the tide just beginning to turn towards us, photo shooting – trying to topple Tony L’s pole position -, cave viewing, beach combing – two brightly coloured metal fish for Brian’s boss and a tin can for Tony’s collection that he’d brought with him! and shells for Alison.

The sun came looking for us and not only warmed us but gave us good views of the hills all around in heavy cloud, Harlech Castle to the east and Criccieth Castle just along the coast line where we would visit next . This 13th century castle has a superb view overlooking Tremadog and Cardigan Bays.

Criccieth has gone to sleep for the winter and we found the only place open was a fab cafe which caught our imaginations as the food was interesting and the view from the panoramic window of the sea divine. A thumbs up from all of us.

Well what can you do with the rest of a non walking day – go to the pub of course, and eat free sandwiches, followed by a candle lit meal including three pudding ’at home’ with a roaring log fire. And Tony’s tin can show ….


Because the weather had a better outlook but the clouds remained heavy and low over the hills we all went on a low circular walk from our hut in Tremadog and walked south through Porthmadog Harbour, starting slowly with the muddiest ‘path’ possible, crossing the Welsh Highland railway and including coastal walking and then west to lower hills, pretty harbour views, with sun and threatening clouds but remaining dry and mild and then northwards getting wet feet along side fast flowing streams back to eat the rest of the bread and butter pudding before the five various journeys back home.

This has been a very different weekend, none the less enjoyable, proving everything is possible when a hill walking club misses out anything remotely looking like a hill!

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